Barden garage preliminary, 2015

In the beginning, all was peaceable.

backyard before

Prepping the yard. Thanks Alex and Patrick!

Clearing away the back gate

Work begins. Shane and Lee are driving the first posts


Bobcat progress.
Leveling out
Shutting down for the night
imageDay one over. Very fortunate with the good weather! Shane to be back Monday, inspection due.

Sunday, rest and review

Late afternoon, Shane and son deliver blocks.

Shane and son deliver blocks
Monday April 20, the rebar is in, inspection passed, but it’s cold. Concrete pour scheduled Wednesday, hoping for above freezing evenings.


Sunday before the concrete install

Monday – Making the slab!

IMG_0002 IMG_0001IMG_0003 IMG_0008


The first load of materials arrives.

IMG_0005[1] IMG_0004[1] IMG_0003[1] IMG_0002[1] IMG_0001[1]

May 4, construction begins!

May 4 (2)
May 4 (3) May 4 (4) May 4 (5)May 4 (1)


2 Responses to Barden garage preliminary, 2015

  1. We love this you guys! Keep us posted. I am sure that the back will be beautiful, planter boxes and neat windows? rita and mike

    • nancy barden says:

      Absolutely. There will be twelve feet of windows looking into the garden so definitely there will need to be window boxes or some raised planters and trellises! Double doors with windows facing the house so another opportunity for a great lantern and flower boxes! To say nothing of a potting bench inside under the windows. Oh yes and we’ll park the cars there too.

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