Disney Cruise 2017

The original goal, a post-birthday sail with our favorite (only!) cruise line. Found a passage that would simply include a day at Castaway Cay and a day at Key West. Perfect! We haven’t been on the Disney Magic, so it’s a new ship for us. 1000 fewer people than the Dream and Fantasy that we’ve been on, older, but recently renovated. The entertainment on board includes shows we haven’t seen and the date looks great, 2 days after Nancy’s Birthday. Booked it in July 2016 and started counting the days.key-west-map

The day comes, we leave the house at 3:30 am for a 5:10 flight. We get to Miami airport around 10:30 and find the friendly Disney Cruise escorts who guide us to our transport to the dock.


Welcome to the Disney Magic

Here is the “Navigator” of the day, telling us what to expect today, and a good overall description of what to get excited about. You can click on them to get a larger image.

navigators2017_2_08 navigators2017_2_8-2 navigators2017_2_8-3


Lots of things to do!

We’ve done this drill before, the bustling crowds of eager cruising families being processed to get on board, but it’s always exciting to pass through and onto the ship.


There’s a big buffet, we find our cabin #1051, first deck inside:


We hit the pools, take a nap (been up since 3 am) and head off to dinner to meet our dining companions.

They turn out to be pretty fun people (photo to follow). That evening we go to the first big show in the main theater, Twice Charmed:


Kind of a wacky retelling of Cinderella, songs, dancing, costumes, lighting, music. Fun! See it here.

And, amazingly, we run into Oksana, who we met on the last cruise on the Fantasy!


What a joy to see someone we know, and she pretends to remember us! We return often to chat with her.

Back at the cabin, there’s the first towel art, with chocolates and a guide to what’s happening tomorrow.towel-art-before-cast-cay

Day 2, Castaway Cay

We watch the sunrise and head over to the private island.




Stroll in the warm water, enjoy a Conk Cooler, have some BBQ. Perfect weather.

Then it’s Pirate night! Costumes and fireworks!


Pirate night towel art


First time we dressed up


Cindy, our table captain


Ahoy! it’s Diane, Geoff, Nancy, Michelle, George and Mike

That night, we see an act with these two:viktoria-nancy-dubois

He’s a juggler/unicylist, a good act, kind of a Penn Jillette style, but she is an acrobat/contortionist/juggler/silk performer who was amazing. And, Ukrainian! Here’s a link to show what she does.

Day 3, at sea


We’re making daily visits to the Cove Cafe (they’re on all the Disney ships, right by the pool) for the only good coffee on the ship and great croissants.


I tried the AquaDunk water drop ride.


Climb up, get in a little plastic coffin . . .


the floor drops out, and you swirl around for 3 seconds! I imagine it’s like being inside a fire hose at full power.


Someone dropped off a fruit and cheese plate, is it because this is our 4th time on Disney Cruise? We enjoy it our on deck, especially the fresh and gooey honeycomb.

We’re looking forward to “Tangled” show tonight, and the pub on board is converted to the Snuggly Duckling for the evening. There’s singing and entertainment, with a game of THUGO (aka bingo) Whatever, we won! The prize was a bunch of rub on decals. And the respect of our fellow barmates, of course.


5 across – we win!


Our server Gilbert, who got us the light-up mug I was needing for my collection.


The Tangled show was terrific.


Here are a few clips from the show to enjoy. Maximus is the best!

Day 4, Key West





Beautiful colors and plants


Nancy making friends


Running into Oksana and ship staff


Breakfast at Pepe’s! We’re too early for oysters, so . . .


we walk around and come back for these little beauties.


Dinner at the Animator’s Palate, Hey – it’s Mickey!


Deconstructed dessert

The night’s show, Disney Dreams, pulls out all the stops. This is the whole show!


Farewell from the entertainers. “Now it’s time to say goodbye” etc.

Great fun! Wish you could be there. Next time, perhaps?

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One Response to Disney Cruise 2017

  1. Donna Barden says:

    What a great review of your trip! I feel like I was there myself! Thank you for sharing it, and for putting so much hard work into it.

    Much love! Donna & Les

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