What a great time!

IMG_20140825_050805Look how great these kids are at 5:15 am – ready to hit the road!
!IMG_20140825_195438 Mickey Ice Cream Bars
wd010wdw2014238113435960Rock and Roller Coaster liftoffIMG_0009Epcot’s French Bakery, we shared very nicely wd022wdw2014238113651249 Epcot
IMG_0013Sleeping little angels
wd004wdw2014239113774834Animal Kingdom
 IMG_0020 Entrance to our rooms from the pool
wd010wdw2014239114014634Magic Kingdom
IMG_0023First Starbucks for the Bandelins!
 wd023wdw2014240114154674 Tourists!
IMG_0030Meeting a very important Disney celebrity. IMG_0036 Parade with a Dragon! Yay!IMG_0040 This nice lady blew Henry a kiss.IMG_0043Grandparenting with style
IMG_0044All the drinks glow!
wd003wdw2014241114634408Hollywood Studios
IMG_20140829_153930Playing at the pool
 IMG_0046Most colorful poncho group, rained out of Fantasmic!

We made it without even using a Band Aid! Thanks to our lovely grandchildren, it was great!

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2 Responses to What a great time!

  1. Thanks for the amazing week!

  2. No video recap? Uncle Fred must be disappointed! 😉

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