99 days and counting.

Disney Boot Camp was a great success, thanks to Alex, Annie and Henry all cooperating and sharing their ideas for the perfect vacation!

After we all got together and  enjoyed some delicious donut holes, we watched the official Disney 2014 vacation DVD to get an overview of what’s available to enjoy.

We checked out the new attractions and noted the ones that we can’t miss, and saw the resort we’ll be staying at.

Then we all wrote to our favorite characters, asking for their autographs; let’s see if they write back!

IMG_20140517_113411Next, time for a pizza break, and look over our notes.

Then we went online and ordered our “magic bands” in the colors we wanted:

Finally, we watched “Gruncle” Fred’s special video that he made just for us!

IMG_20140517_125103 IMG_20140517_125313

It was a terrific day, and I’m even more ready to get packing!!

Let’s do this again real soon, when we can start making our fast pass reservations.

Keep reading, there’s more fun to come!


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