Park focus – Animal Kingdom

One of the four parks we’ll be visiting – see how it looks today!

Welcome to Animal Kingdom!!

This dinosaur photo op is now a character meet and greet.

Over in DinoRama, Disney was testing a pretty terrible walk around dinosaur character. I hung around for a while looking for it, but I sense it may have seen its last days already.

To my knowledge, and by judging the concept art, this body of water is where the new Rivers of Light nighttime show is going to happen. I’m pretty excited for it.


Hot days led to Kali River Rapids having one of the longer waits in the park.

The more I think about it, Animal Kingdom may be the prettiest park at WDW. So much beautiful foliage and intricate details.

Walls up here over near Harambe.

The new Festival of the Lion King building is almost complete and ready for the show to come back in June.

Walls also over by the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

I took a ride on the Safari, which I think is still one of WDI’s hallmark WDW attractions, even with the dropped story and certain animal changes over the years.

Some ‘walls’ up near the elephant area.

Back to Harambe.

Many of you have been asking for Avatar updates, but this is pretty much all I can give you.

That wall blocks the old bridge that took us to Camp Minnie-Mickey. Disney has announced that 2017 will be the opening date for Avatar, but I fear that it won’t be entirely possible to cover the construction of this massive land. The only good I think can come of this will be that almost all of us will be spoiler free until we see it completed for the first time, and I cannot think of many attractions or lands in recent memory where that was possible.

That’s it for this week. What do you think about the new nighttime show? How about waiting 3 more years for Avatar?

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