What’s more exciting than preparing for a Walt Disney World vacation? Nothing. Except maybe actually being at Walt Disney World. The days leading up to your vacation are filled with all kinds of feelings of excitement. And trust us, we know that feeling of almost-Disney- trip enthusiasm all too well. That’s why we decided to chronicle the journey that is pre-Walt Disney World vacation.


You’ve set the dates. You’ve booked your airfare and favorite Disney resort. You can hardly contain your excitement.

Rapunzel in Tangled Disney Vacation


The countdown has now officially begun, yet it seems like your trip is so far away.



So you spend your days daydreaming about all wonderful things you’re going to do.

Alice Disney World Vacation


Like all of the fun attractions you’ll go on.



And all of the yummy food you’ll eat.



When you’re at work or school, you’re constantly listening to Disney Parks music.

Max Disney Vacation


Or watching your favorite Disney movies in your spare time.



You make a plan of what you’ll do every day to maximize the magic.

Walt Disney World Itinerary
But you also schedule in some time by the pool to relax and let off steam (but not too much steam if you’re a snowman).

Olaf Beach


Soon enough, your vacation is almost here! It’s time to start packing.



Then you have to make some tough decisions. Which Mickey ears will you bring? What Disney movie will you watch on the plane?



The night before you can hardly sleep. You keep re-reading your itinerary and park maps in anticipation.



Then you wake up the next morning and realize… YOU’RE GOING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD. It’s go-time, people. Operation: Disney Fun is in full effect.



After a long day of traveling, you finally see the sign on the horizon. You’re so close you can hardly stand it.

Freeway Disney Vacation


Finally, you’ve made it. You’ve got days chock-full of Disney joy and memories ahead of you. Take lots of pictures and enjoy every minute of it! Your Walt Disney World vacation has begun.

Castle Disney Vacation

(thanks to OhMyDisney)


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